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Have you ever wondered what more you could be doing to help your fertility? Do you know the best foods to eat or avoid? And what the best vitamins may be? Are you wondering if acupuncture may be right for you? Have you been arguing with your partner or feeling alone? Is the stress of  Read more ➝

Did you know that 1 in 6 couples are having trouble getting pregnant? Are you on your own fertility journey now and wondering what resources are out there? Are you single or in a same sex relationship and looking for information? Have you pondered adoption? If this sounds, looks or feels like you, keep reading.  Read more ➝

As a fertility specialist, I answer many questions from couples about improving their chances of success all the time; I was once a patient myself and I was keen to do everything within my power to succeed.  I share this list with you in that same spirit and hope you will be empowered, as I  Read more ➝